2017 Mid-Michigan Association of Assessing Officers Membership List
Dues paid as of June 10, 2017
Last Name First Name Unit E-mail Address
Bail Marcia A. Athens Twp Email Marcia Bail
Beach  Brad Garfield, Gaines, Freemont Email Brad Beach
Beekman Glen Retired Email Glen Beekman
Bengel Dan BSA Software Email Dan Bengel
Biddle Kristine City of Portage Email Kristine Biddle
Blake Ruth Kalamazoo Charter Twp. Email Ruth Blake
Booth Lori Jackson County Equalization Email Lori Booth
Bosley Brent Fairplane Twp Email Brent Bosley
Botke Beth Bath Charter Township Email Beth Botke
Bouck Heather Delta Township Email Heather Bouck
Boyd Leonard Calhoun County Equalization Email Leonard Boyd
Bouwhuis Anne City of Wyoming Email Anne Bouwhuis
Brewer Nancy S. City of Lansing Email Nancy Brewer
Broome Arline City of Holland Email Arline Broome
Brown Lori City of Saginaw Email Lori Brown
Brown Jonetta Park Township Email Jonetta Brown
Buchanan Rich    
Burd Sherry Allegan County & Comstock Twp. Email Sherry Burd
Bush James    
Bruner Robert Michigan Municipal Services Auth. Email Robert Bruner
Bush James J. City of Holland Email James J Bush
Bussher Brian Ottawa County Equalization Email Brian Bussher
Cain-Derouin Julie City of Marshall Email Julie Cain-Derouin
Cairns Polly City of Traverse City Email Polly Cairns
Carter Darren City of Lansing Email Darren Carter
Casler Jessica Jackson County Equalization Email Jessica Casler
Chalifoux Denise Grand Haven Charter Twp Email Denise Chalifoux
Chick Treena City of Saint Louis Email Treena Chick
Cooley Donald Oneida Charter Twp Email Donald Cooley
Cornell Mary Midland County Email Mary Cornell
Couretas Karen Ingham Co. Equalization Email Karen Couretas
Cross Stephanie City of Zeeland Email Stephanie Cross
Delong Marchelle Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Shelly Delong
Depriest Patricia M Union Charter Twp Email Patricia Depriest
Doane Tom  City of Rockford Email Tom Doane
Dolbee Gail Big Rapids Email Gail Dolbee
Dowler Diane Shiawasee County Email Diane Dowler
Droste Ted Delhi Township Email Ted Droste
Dvoracek Sarah City of Evart Email Sarah Dvoracek
Elm John Jackson County Equalization Email John Elm
Engerson Scott City of Grand Rapids Email Scott Engerson
Enyart Victoria    
Evans Mark Hopkins Township Email Mark Evans
Falkenberg Andrew City of Kalamazoo Email Andrew Falkenberg
Feyen Howard Holland Charter Twp. Email Howard Feyen
Fickle Kenneth City of Coldwater Email Kenneth Fickle
Flynn Summer Emmett Township Email Summer Flynn
Francis Rob Ingham Co. Equalization Email Rob Francis
Friess Theresa Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Theresa Friess
Gallant Jane Napoleon Township Email Jane Gallant
Galligan Michael Ottawa Co Equalization Email Michael Galligan
Genter Jennifer Cascade Charter Twp. Email Jennifer Genter
Girard Lynette Emmet County Equalization Email Lynette Girard
Gooch Elizabeth Charlevoix County Email Elizabeth Gooch
Graham Heather City of Zeeland Email Heather Graham
Green Vonnie City of Williamston Email Vonnie Green
Gregor Adrian Kalamzoo Co. Equalization Email Adrian Gregor
Grimes Arthur D. City of Zeeland Email Arthur Grimes
Grivins-Jastifer Paula City of Grand Rapids Email Paula Grivins-Jastifer
Haight Shannon Calhoun County Equalization Email Shannon Haight
Haney Amy City of Wyoming Email Amy Haney
Hansen Mathew Kalamazoo Co. Equalization Email Matthew Hansen
Harrell Cathy Comstock Charter Township Email Cathy Harrell
Hayes Stacey City of East Grand Rapids Email Stacey Hayes
Hedrick Michael City of Lansing Email Michael Hedrick
Houserman Mike Grayling Charter Twp Email Mike Houserman
Hudson Nicole Delhi Township Email Nicole Hudson
Huston Wendi Gains Charter Twp Email Wendi Huston
Jackson Robert Muskegon Heights Email Robert Jackson
Jastifer Paula City of Grand Rapids Email Paula Jastifer
Jenkins Mark Ada Township  ??? Email Mark Jenkins
Johnson Andy City of Kentwood Email Andy Johnson
Johnson James   Email James Johnson
Jones Barbara Elmwood Charter Township Email Barbara Jones
Jones Robert Heath Township Email Bob Jones
Kars-Bos Kimberly Cooper Twp. Email Kimberly Kars-Bos
Keech Brenton CSZ Services LLC Email Brenton Keech
Keeling Betty Alpine Township Email Betty Keeling
King Jennie Jackson County Equalization Email Jennie King
Kohagen Jason BSA Software Email Jason Kohagen
Kolbe Jane Ada Township Email Jane Kolbe
Kooiman  Cheryl City of Grand Rapids Email Cheryl Kooiman
Kutschman  Leonard   Email Leonard Kutschman
Lacelle Amanda City of Tecumseh Email Amanda Lacelle
LaFave Judy Plainfield Charter Twp. Email Judy LaFave
LaGow Jo Jackson County Equalization Email Jo LaGow
Lattimore  Seth Precise Tax Assessment, LLC Email Seth Lattimore
Lee David C. City of East Lansing Email David Lee
Lehner Lesli   Email Lesli Lehner
Leslie Michael Emmett Charter Twp. Email Michael Leslie
Lidgard Peggy Delta Charter Twp. Email Peggy Lidgard
Loar Mary Ellen Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Mary Ellen Loar
Maday Timothy City of Zeeland Email Timothy Maday
Markowski Evelyn Blackman Charter Twp. Email Evelyn Markowski
Marshall Martin D. Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Martin Marshall
Marshall Tina Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Tina Marshall
McCaleb Lisa City of East Lansing Email Lisa McCaleb
McCarty Roger Cascade Charter Twp. Email Roger McCarty
McLeod Blaine R. Allegan County Equalization Email Blaine McLeod
McLeod Jayne ACD District 5 Email Jayne McLeod
Megdan John WCA Assessing Email John Megdan
Merchant Douglas Pine River Twp Email Douglas Merchant
Mesik Vicki City of East Grand Rapids Email Vicki Mesik
Meyaard Anthony City of Holland Email Anthony Meyaard
Miller Jeff Plainfield Township Email Jeff Miller
Morgan Joshua Ottawa County Equalization Email Joshua Morgan
Munson Jim Delhi Township Email Jim Munson
Nelson Wayne Van Buren County Email Wayne Nelson
Nicks Rachel City of Walker Email Rachel Nicks
Northrop Shalice Marcelus, Volinig, Newberg, Gailen Twps Email Shalice Northrop
Nykamp Al Park Twp. Email Al Nykamp
O'Connor Cheryl Ionia County Equalization Email Cheryl O'Connor
Ogden Janet City of Portland Email Janet Ogden
Ogle Kyle Jackson County Equalization Email Kyle Ogle
Oppenneer Karen City of Wyoming Email Karen Oppenneer
Paul Tom City of Big Rapids Email Tom Paul
Payton Bonnie Kalamazoo Co. Equalization Email Bonnie Payton
Peters Jill City of Standish Email Jill Peters
Platte Dennis   Email Dennis Platte
Powers Aaron Kalamazoo City/WCA Email Aaron Powers
Pulling Julie A. Spring Arbor Township Email Julie Pulling
Rashid Debbie Vergennes Twp. Email Debbie Rashid
Rashid Jeffrey City of Lowell Email Jeffrey Rashid
Reed-Niswonger Denise Ada Twp Email Denise Reed-Niswonger
Rhoads Helene Leoni Twp Email Helene Rhoads
Richardson Rick Lenawee Co. Equalization Email Rick Richardson
Rickers Steve Kent Co. Equalization Email Stephen Rickers
Rider  Mary Ingham Co. Equalization Email Mary Rider
Rider Jr. Clayton Eaton County Equalization Email Clayton Rider
Ring Deborah City of Kentwood Email Deborah Ring
Robach Andrea Delta Charter Twp. Email Andrea Robach
Rogers Lewis ACD District 5 Email Lewis Rogers
Rogers Steve City of Lansing Email Steve Rogers
Rosenzweig Jason Algoma Twp. Email Jason Rosenzweig
Roslund Katherine City of Alma Email Katherine Roslund
Schuitema Carl   Email Carl Schuitema
Schuitema Debrah    Email Debrah Schuitema
Schweikert Stephen Owosso  
Scott Ruth Jackson County Equalization Email Ruth Scott
Simmons Joshua St Joseph Equalization Email Joshua Simmons
Smith Kelly City of Walker Email Kelly Smith
Sokol Tony Valu Tec, Inc Email Tony Sokol
Spitters Mark Muskegon County Email Mark Spitters
Stiles Cary Leoni Twp Email Cary Stiles
Stirton Claudia Comstock Twp Email Claudia Stirton
Stob Laura  Caledonia Township Email Laura Stob
Stover Doug Ingham Co. Equalization Email Doug Stover
Struthers Sara Delta Township Email Sara Struthers
Swinehart Kathy Van Buren County Equalization Email Kathy Swinehart
Tacoma Tyler Jamestown Township Email Tyler Tacoma
Tafelsky Laura L. DeWitt Charter Twp. Email Laura Tafelsky
Taylor David City of Jackson Email David Taylor
Taylor Rebecca Midland County Email Rebecca Taylor
Thelen Brian Delta Charter Twp. Email Brian Thelen
Thibodeau Jerry Columbia Township  
Thomas Khamisi Muskegon County Email Khamisi Thomas
Thomas Kimberly City of Hillsdale Email Kimberly Thomas
Thompson Quentin MCAO student Email Quentin Thompson
Thomson Toni City of Lansing Email Toni Thomson
Timmerman Jackie City of Hastings Email Jackie Timmerman
Tobias Elizabeth Delhi Charter Township Email Elizabeth Tobias
Trotter Christine City of Walker Email Christine Trotter
Tuttle John Tompkins Township Email John Tuttle
Van Hoose Megan Erueka Township Email Megan Van Hoose
VanderArk Darwin City of Wayland Email Darwin VanderArk
Vander Heide David Allendale Township Email David Vander Heide
Vander Vries Donna Muskegon County Email Donna Vander Vries
Vander Vries Edward Van Buren County Equalization Email Edward Vander Vries
VanderLugt Vicki Gaines Charter Township Email Vicki Vanderlugt
Vandermark Timothy Eaton County Equalization Email Timothy Vandermark
VanGelderen Barbara Manlius Township Email Barbara VanGelderen
Verburg Lisa Ada Twp Email Lisa Verburg
Vogan Gene City of Wyoming Email Gene Vogan
Vujea Robert M. Meijer, Inc. Email Robert Vujea
Ward Teresa City of St Louis Email Teresa Ward
Warda Cindy City of St. Johns Email Cindy Warda
Wilkerson Elizabeth   Email Elizabeth Wilkerson
Wolfe Tyler Allendale Township Email Tyler Wolfe
Woodley Jennifer Berrien Cnty Equalization Email Jennifer Woodley
Woolford Matthew Kent Co. Equalization Email Matthew Woolford
Yoakam Jason City of Jackson Email Jason Yoakam
Yonker Jim  Kalamazoo Township Email Jim Yonker
Young Cynthia Leroy Township Email Cynthia Young
Zahniser Terry Muskegon County Email Terry Zahniser
Zemla Caitlin Home Township Email Caitlin Zemla
Zemla Chuck City of Leslie Email Chuck Zemla
Zemla Melissa   Email Melissa Zemla
Zemla Rick Contract Email Rick Zemla
Ziesemer Kelley City of Douglas Email Kelley Ziesemer
Zimmerman Teresa Gaines Township Email Teresa Zimmerman